Instructions and Helpful Hints

Remote Access Tools Instructions

The following DDRC Network tools are avalable for you to use in working remotely. These instructions will show you how to setup/use the tool.

Please see the quick links for access to these tools.

  • File Storage - Use these instructions for access your network files. This can only be used with a valid VPN or Direct Access session
  • Olympus Server- Use these instructions to access the Olympus server. This process should only be used if you need more network access then provided by other options

Cloud Tools Available

  • Zoom - Tutorials for using the Zoom system. Zoom should be used for teleconferencing or telehealth. Your normall DDRC credentials will provide you access.
  • DialPad - Getting started tutorial for remote phone system; available to select users with a job need who do not have a DDRC cell phone. You must be preauthorized to use the system
  • Office 365 - Instructions for accessing Office tools from the Internet.
  • Keeper Security - Instructions for installing and using Keeper Security for Password management.